The Old Streets

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  • Build an ongoing clientele

  • Personal customer service

  • Support other businesses

  • Create a lively encounter

Marion Visits The Old Streets


Hi, my name is Marion and I'm a 23-year-old living at 562 8th Street in a duplex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's Saturday, August 15th, 1956, a hot and humid morning, and my cousin Steve is driving me to Walnut Street to buy my grandmother a bouquet of flowers. I'm so frustrated. I don't know anything about buying flowers. My co-worker Elizabeth at the factory told me about Cleo's Flower Shop on 5th and Walnut. Steve let's go!

This is it Steve! 5th and Walnut Street, Cleo's Flower Shop. Thanks for driving me Steve, wish me luck! Let's go in and buy some flowers.

This is a beautiful shop with bright colors and beautiful floral arrangements. Let's ring the service bell. I hear a sweet voice...


Welcome! Welcome! to Cleo's Flower Shop, I'm the owner Cleo. I'm so glad you came in! What is your name and why did you come in today?" I replied, "My name is Marion and I want to buy my grandmother flowers for her birthday, but I don't know anything about floral arrangements." Cleo 

replied in a concerning voice, "Marion, it's okay. I think I have something right for you. Roses!" My mouth dropped in excitement! "Cleo, roses are it!" I replied. "Marion, I want to include a free vase with your purchase because you are a first-time customer," Cleo replied pleasingly. "I am so delighted Cleo. Ring me up!" I said in pure delight. Cleo smiled and pointed to an open book on the counter, "please sign my Christmas registry for our annual party and tell all of your friends about Cleo's Flower Shop."

She continued, "By the way Marion, if you are looking for lunch, stop at Larry's Lunch-ette across the street and tell Larry I sent you. "Let's go over to Larry's everybody! Love the roses!"

To be continued at Larry's Lunch-ette.

Larrys Lunchette.jpeg